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The Zazzle Widget displays products from Zazzle on your WordPress site (you can see it in action in the sidebar to the right).

With this widget, you can easily advertise your Zazzle products. Zazzle is free to join and easy to use.

There are a few options for configuring this widget in the options panel for the plugin. These options help you customize the look and feel of the widget:

  • The size of the product images shown.
  • The number of products shown, configurable by rows and columns.
  • The background color of the products (to match your own site design).
  • Show product title along with the image.

You can also customize the products the widget displays:

  • Show products from a particular Zazzle store.
  • Show products from a particular Zazzle store and product line.
  • Show products from a particular Zazzle store filtered by query terms.
  • Show products related to the context of a page or post (based on the post tags).
  • Randomize the products shown each time.


  1. Upload files to wp-content/plugins/zazzle-widget
  2. Activate it through the plugin management screen.
  3. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag and drop the Zazzle Widget to wherever you want to show it.
  4. Configure the widget


What is Zazzle?

Zazzle enables content owners to unlock their entire libraries of content, making it available for purchase and customization by consumers. Through the Zazzle platform, users can instantly create, customize to fit their personal style, purchase and sell a near infinite array of products online.

How do I create multiple instances of the widget?

Just drop additional Zazzle Widgets from Appearance -> Widgets to whereever you want to show it.

How do I set the product line?

Goto any Zazzle store and browse by product line. You will see a url like this – The digits following ‘cg-‘ is the product line id. Enter this as the value for Product Line in the configuration section.

How do customize the Zazzle Widget per WordPress post?

The Zazzle Widget can be customized per post using WordPress custom fields. For example, you can set your store in the main widget configuration and show different product lines on different WordPress posts or pages. The fields that can be customized are:

  1. Title: (wid)_title – show a different widget title per post.
  2. Store Name: (wid)_store_name – show a different store per post.
  3. Product Line: (wid)_product_line – show a different product line per post.
  4. Search Term: (wid)_search_term – show products based on a different search term per post.

Here is how:

  1. If you have more than one instance of the Zazzle Widget, assign each instance a unique Widget Id in the configuration section – e.g. zw1, zw2, zw3.
  2. Goto the edit view of a post and then to the Custom Fields section.
  3. Add a Custom Field name and value pair using the Widget Id and supported field – e.g. name: zw1_store_name, value: mozilla.
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  1. How do royalties work You can set your own royalty rate on Zazzle. Drop Shipping Guide

  2. Tweets that mention Zazzle Widget | Zazzle Tools -- - pingback on September 13, 2010 at 11:30 pm
  3. How can I get the Widget to link to my store? My site is in the UK and I want my visitors to see the prices in £’s not $’s.

  4. Hi,
    1. Can the price be displayed in the EURO currency instead of Dollars please?
    2. Can the widget link to the .nl zazzle store?

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Installed the widget. Image show up as broken. Help! Followed the instructions exactly.

  6. Is there anyway to make it so when someone clicks on a product it takes them to a new tab or pop up window?

    • You will have to change the php code for that. Let me know if you want me to guide you through it.

      • Hi there.
        I too would like my widget to lead to blank page or tab. Can you please post the info on what php file and what bit of code to change. thanks! Brent

    • In the following in zstore.php:

      echo <<<EOD

      <a href="$link" $analyticsLink class="realviewLink" target=”_blank” style=”height: {$gridCellHeight}px;”>


      In the line where it sets the link URL, simply add: target=”_blank”

  7. If you could tell me which file and what the code is I need to insert I’d truly appreciate. Would it be one of those “_blank” type codes?

  8. I want to add the zazzle plug in, but i’m confused about how to get the widget to show up in may “WordPress Widget” area. Can you please assist.



    • Hi Matt,
      After you install the plugin, goto your dashboard and then goto Appearance -> Widgets. Find the Zazzle Widget in the Available Widgets window and drag and drop it into any widget section on the right supported by your template. Then configure the widget to your liking. That’s it!

  9. I was really pleased to have found this plugin, it’s exactly what I wanted for my site – nice one!!
    As per a couple of posts above – do you have a development schedule for the currency options as my wish would be for UK sterling.

    Great stuff – keep at it!! 😀

  10. The plug-in works fine for me, and I will send a donation along shortly.

    I was just wondering if you could tell me what causes the extra spacing after the widget is displayed in my sidebar and in between the sidebar item underneath.

    Perhaps it was something I caused when I set up the widget?

    Thanks again for a great plug-in.


    – Mike

    • Hi Mike,
      Try decreasing the grid width parameter. If that does not help, then it probably has something to do with your template.

  11. Hi, there is a lot of empty space at the top of my widget… I decreased the grid width to 1 but still no go. If it is the theme (ZeeBusiness) is there anything I can do?

  12. Could you explain what the “grid” and “cache” features do?

  13. The Zazzle widget displays properly on the home page, but gives me an “Error: Products temporarily unavailable.” on every other page in the site. I haven’t been to the site in some time, so I don’t know when or why this happened, but it worked fine when installed.

    Any suggestions?


  14. I see the same issue Peter mentions above. either “Eror: Producrts Temporarily Unavailable” or an error with the product feed.

    running wordpress 3.3.2

    settings for store name

    settings for product line

    settings for search terms

    width set to 250

  15. also, I’d much rather run this as a php string at the bottom of a post (not in a widget and not with short code)

    Is that possible?

  16. When adding additional widgets, does the “Widget ID” need to been changed to 2, 3, etc?


    Amanda :mrgreen:

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