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The Elegant Zazzle Plugin (E.Z.P.) allows you to easily display Zazzle products on your WordPress site using shortcodes. The plugin comes with a handy little widget as well.

With this widget, you can easily advertise your Zazzle products. Zazzle is free to join and easy to use.


There are two ways to use the EZP – as shortcode in a blog post or page, or as a widget in a widget area. To use via shortcode, just enter some text like this into any page or a post:

[ezp_sample grid_width="600" grid_cell_size="medium" grid_cell_spacing="40" num_items="3" store_name="lupitafdezsoberon"]

And you will get something like this:

Error: Products temporarily unavailable.

It’s that simple! Note that the shortcode tag is actually just ezp and not ezp_sample.

To use the widget, go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag and drop the Elegant Zazzle Widget to wherever you want to show it (you can see it in action in the sidebar to the right). Click here for more details about the widget.

Shortcode Details

Shortcode Tag


  • the tag the Elegant Zazzle Plugin will look for and try to process.

Shortcode Parameters


  • the store to display products from.
  • default: blank.
  • if blank, EZP will show all products from Zazzle unless search term or search_by_tags is specified.


  • the zazzle domain to show products and prices from.
  • default: com.
  • other examples are: co.uk, ca, de, co.jp. See the full list of domains supported here.



  • the product type, i.e. t-shirts, hats, skateboards to display.
  • default: blank
  • you can find a complete list of product types here.


  • comma separated terms to select products to display by.
  • default: blank


  • use the tags of a WordPress post as the search term to display product by.
  • default: false


  • the number of product to display on one page.
  • default: 20


  • the width of each product cell shown.
  • default: 900


  • the size of each product cell shown.
  • values: tiny, small, medium, large, huge
  • default: large


  • the space between the product cells.
  • default: 9


  • the space between the product cells.
  • the background color of product images in hex (without the #).
  • default: FFFFFF


  • how to sort the products.
  • values: popularity, date_created
  • default: popularity


  • the first page displayed out of the entire result set of products.
  • default: 1


  • whether or not to randomize the order of products shown on a page.
  • default: false


  • whether or not to show the product title.
  • default: true


  • whether or not to show the product description.
  • default: true


  • whether or not to show the product creator.
  • default: true


  • whether or not to show the product price.
  • default: true


  • whether or not to show the powered by Zazzle logo.
  • default: true


  • whether or not to show pagination controls.
  • default: true


  • whether or not to show sorting controls.
  • default: true
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  1. Elegant Zazzle Plugin (EZP) Plugin v0.1 | Wordpress Plugins - pingback on September 13, 2010 at 7:34 pm
  2. Amazing! Great work! 😉

  3. This plugin is awesome. Easy to use and very professional!!

    http://www.iheartstamps.com is my site, check it out!



  4. I got a parse error in zstore.php when I added the shortcode. I fixed it by deleting the “&” on line 350 in front of “$value”.

    I do not know anything about php, so this may or may not have been the right approach.

  5. Daily Digest for November 10th | GNFTI - pingback on November 10, 2010 at 5:56 pm
  6. I’m not sure what’s going on, but for some reason my Zazzle products are showing up at the bottom of the page! They begin where the sidebar ends. I tried going through my custom widgets to get rid of anything that says “” in it, but that didn’t work. I also tried removing my custom widgets and that didn’t do it either. Help!

    • I have the same problem, i cant figure it out. The title of the store is at the bottom of the sidebar, but the pics are way down at the bottom of the page

  7. Nice plugin, but for some reason I can’t get the shortcode to work on the sidebar of my homepage. I tried deactivating some other plugins, but it doesn’t appear there was any conflict. Any other ideas?

  8. Nice plugin. I’m having a problem with the font size. I use the Twenty Ten 1.1 theme and the text is truncated vertically. Check it out here: http://www.atheismtv.com/blog/2011/01/ask-an-atheist/

    Is there any way to work around this?

    • 2 things you can do:
      1) Remove the description altogether – read the shortcode api on how to do that.
      2) Update the css – Open zstore.css (it’s in the css folder) and update the productDescription element.

      • Hello again.
        How do you remove the description? I know you say to read the shortcode api but where can i find this? I’m very new to this whole thing so I’m sorry if my questions are stupid! 🙂

  9. Sorry to write again. I figured it all out!

  10. I need help. My website is on local host. I am trying to configurate the plugin but i can’t

  11. This is a great plugin.I am using it on my website http://mobilethemesworld.net/shop
    i would like to know that how to add shortcut code for different products so that i could display based on categories also one more thing how to display others store on my website.ie some thing like referal so that i could make my visitors occupied by viewing great designs

  12. also how can i add search

  13. Is it necessary to make specific changes when using a Zazzle international site (zazzle.ca)?

  14. Hi, I am fairly new to this site and I set up the Widget on my website last night and it all worked fine. Just now, on my site, the widget was coming up with this message: “Error: Products temporarily unavailable…” You mention this in the article above but I still do not understand why I am getting this message. I entered in the right info in the widget sooooo… I’m rather at a loss right now… Any hel would be appreciated!

  15. I love this plugin I set it up late last night and it was working great now it seems all I get is Error: Products Temporarily unavailable. Did I break the internet? I’m sorry if I did.

  16. I get the same message that’s visible here on this page:
    “Error: Products temporarily unavailable.”
    Is this on Zazzle’s side or a script problem?

  17. Just wanted to say thanks for making this great plug in, it saved me a ton of time!

  18. I keep getting the “Error: Products temporarily unavailable.” I am a new shop and all my products are listed. Any suggestions?

  19. First, thanks for an awesome plugin. I wanted to be able to post just one particular product line per post. I used this code:
    [ezp grid_width="500" grid_cell_size="medium" grid_cell_spacing="40" num_items="12" " store_name="BuyStationery" "product_line="196450712031955590]
    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks again,
    Anne M

  20. i was wondering how i would be able to make links open up in a new page. I dont want our users to have trouble getting back to our page.

    The plugin is amazing. Thank you!

  21. Sucks, this looked perfect for my needs… I can not get it to work – Error: Feed temporarily unavailable.

  22. hello,

    it seems that altering the number of products shown ends in the storing being unavailable. Why does it only work on “3”?

  23. I guess you don’t support this anymore? It would be nice to be able to get this to work… only works with your store but not any others. as soon as i change the name of the store i get the same message “Feed temporarily unavailable”.

    Also, How do I make it open up in a new page or tab?????

  24. This is a great add-on for any wordpress site that has a zazzle store however I am having a few issues, for example on some pages it will show all of the products of the set product_line but on others it might only show three or four? Even though there are many more.

    I am using the latest 0.2 version with the latest WP 3.0.9.

    Is this a bug and is it a know bug that is being fixed for an update?


  25. does this widget only work with certain versions of WP. I’ve tried everyting and i keep getting the “products temporarily unavailable” message.

  26. Hi, I really like your plugin and have been sharing it with a lot of my clients. However, I’m having complications using some of your codes, ie. the product type tag doesn’t seem to be working, all the products show up regardless of what product type I have. The same is true of the tag types. Can you offer a solution? Here’s the code I’m currently using for a client

    [ezp_sample grid_width=”775″ grid_cell_size=”medium” grid_cell_spacing=”23″ num_items=”32″ product_type=postcard store_name=”artandintrigue” associate_id=238429260409496035]

  27. Zazzle Bar Question

    The plugin seems to be working well, overall. One question, though: when I click from the thumbnail generated by EZP on my blog, to the product in my Zazzle store, I still get the full Zazzle nav bar on top of the page, I’ve entered my associate ID, which should give me (and all clickers from my blog to my store) the small, “condensed” ZBar, correct?

    Any fixes for this?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Shopaholic Chick

    Is there a way to center the grid? like the images are all left justified and it look odd with a large gap to the right side…

  29. Two things I noticed, don’t use spaces in the store name or it won’t pull, and make sure your product names are plural – aprons, cases, etc

  30. Hi there Ser Admin of Zazzle, Warden of the Shop. I’m trying to use your plugin, but the shortcode isn’t working for me. I’m using

    [ezp grid_width="600" grid_cell_size="medium" grid_cell_spacing="40" num_items="3" store_name="saraannsartshop"]

    But it’s just coming up as plaintext, and I can’t figure out why. It looks right to me, and other shortcodes on the site are working. Any ideas?

  31. What coding do we need to change to point to the UK version of Zazzle? I run a UK based site and using this the prices come up in dollars. Any ideas?

  32. Great simple plugin. Thanks!! I’m just having one problem with the product name text and the description text is being cut off at bottom (i.e) you can’t see tails of letters g,y, j

    Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

  33. Can you add your assoc. ID to get referral sales?

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